New American Shipper Report: What You Should Know About Selecting a GTM Vendor

Posted by Fariba Ahdoot on Fri, Feb, 20 2015 @ 3:18 PM

American Shipper 2015 GTM Landscape ReportShippers are well aware of the compliance burdens that importing and exporting place on their business. Most are also aware that there are tools to help them automate the time-consuming tasks associated with meeting those regulatory burdens. However, shippers of all sizes need a game plan to help them decide whether they need a Global Trade Management (GTM) system, and then what type of system is best for their organization.

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Cloud-Based Global Trade Solutions Replace the Firewall

Posted by Fariba Ahdoot on Wed, Jan, 28 2015 @ 2:41 PM

For years companies have confined global trade systems to operate behind the corporate firewall using a manual process. However, with today’s growing technology, companies are now able to embed balanced metrics at the executive level and foster organizational intelligence with the use of secure, automated cloud-based global trade management solutions. According to Aberdeen Group, organizational intelligence is defined as the intellectual capacity of an entire organization to act effectively and proactively. It nurtures cross-functional alignment between executive management, departments, teams, and individuals to create an organizational culture and workflow.

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Global Sourcing Optimization: Factories Are Taking it to the Cloud

Posted by Lisa Feroli on Mon, Jan, 26 2015 @ 10:11 AM

From personal information to data produced by million dollar corporations, it is no surprise that more and more information can be found on the cloud. This reliance is vital when it comes to global sourcing optimization through cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP).

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Global Trade Management Vendors Assessed by IDC MarketScape

Posted by Lisa Feroli on Wed, Dec, 10 2014 @ 10:55 AM

The IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Global Trade Management 2014 Vendor Assessment is now available! This new research is an assessment of a vendor’s success in the global trade management (GTM) marketplace, including current and anticipated performance in the marketplace. The study assesses the capability and business strategy of five of the key global trade management vendors, including Amber Road, using a vendor assessment model called IDC MarketScape.

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Russian Sanctions Webinar: What are the Trade & Compliance Ramifications?

Posted by Lisa Feroli on Fri, Dec, 5 2014 @ 10:17 AM

After Russia’s first incursion into Ukraine back in February of 2014, the United States has imposed sanctions on a number of Russian financial, defense and energy-related entities. Measures include the denial and/or revocation of licenses subject to E.A.R. or ITAR jurisdiction, the placement of companies on the Entity List, the freezing of assets, financing restrictions on Russian banks and travel bans.

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Apple’s Supply Chain Visibility: How Product Popularity Impacts Secrecy

Posted by Lisa Feroli on Mon, Nov, 24 2014 @ 12:17 PM

Apple's heightened popularityIt is no surprise that Apple is always two steps ahead of the competition. It seems when a new product is unveiled, without question, all other brands follow suit. But when it comes to Apple’s supply chain intricacy, the brand is stuck between publicity and the necessity of secrecy.

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Brief SCM World Survey on China Trade Management – Please Participate!

Posted by Lisa Feroli on Thu, Nov, 20 2014 @ 9:24 AM

SCM World completed their Supply Chain Officer Study this past summer and found that China was ranked as the number one country for growth opportunities by a wide margin. At the same time, it was fifth on executives' list of countries considered too risky to do business in.

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Capitalizing on China Global Trade Share Growth [Infographic]

Posted by Fariba Ahdoot on Fri, Nov, 14 2014 @ 12:6 PM

As the world’s largest exporter and second largest importer, China offers many trade opportunities for companies. However, significant challenges still exist, making it difficult to conduct China global trade share.

With China being an attractive location for sourcing and manufacturing goods, it's crucial to understand the impact of cross-border documentation, licensing requirements, and export compliance with local regulations on supply chain performance.

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Do Your Global Supply Chain Performance Metrics Measure Up?

Posted by Kelsey Barker on Thu, Nov, 13 2014 @ 5:9 PM

The increased complexity and multi-party nature of global supply chains has led to longer lead times, more in-transit and multi-channel inventory, and the need to control downstream and upstream logistics.

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A global supply chain issue in international business: Disruptive Technology

Posted by Lisa Feroli on Wed, Nov, 12 2014 @ 3:52 PM

Anthony Hardenburgh, Vice President of Global Trade ContentThe November issue of World Trade 100, “Technology Pushes Supply Chain Agility,” discusses the ever-present threat of technology disrupters in the businesses arena and how they are challenging supply chains to become more flexible. PwC surveyed 1,500 business and IT executives and concluded that while executives are aware they operate in a disruptive global business community, they are still concerned by inevitable technology disrupters. For this reason, global supply chains must be agile and ready to reconfigure themselves to operate to a new set of business initiatives with the click of a button. 

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