American Shipper's 2016 Supply Chain Visibility Benchmark Report

Posted by Mollie Leon on Tue, Oct, 25 2016 @ 9:15 AM

AS-A-Clear-View-of-Supply-Chain.jpgFor years, American Shipper has gauged how the shipping industry views supply chain visibility. But never before have they benchmarked this discipline in its own right; that time has come.

In their brand new report, A Clear View of Supply Chain: Visibility Benchmark Study, American Shipper examines how shippers get their visibility, what they do with it, its biggest benefits, and where it falls short. The report also includes perspective from logistics providers on the value of providing and consuming visibility. Highlights include:
  • The number of visibility milestones shippers track, and what they consider to be the most important ones
  • Biggest visibility blind spots
  • The internal systems feeding shipper visibility, and the processes into which shippers have visibility
  • Whether 3PLs have an understanding of their cost to provide visibility
  • The means by which shippers and 3PLs get visibility, and much more

Whether you have visibility, are looking to get it, or just want to know where you stand, this new report from American Shipper is a must-read for supply chain practitioners of all types. 


Topics: Global Trade Management, Supply Chain Visibility, Order and Shipment Visibility, Data Quality Management

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