Allied Electronics Automates Trade Compliance as Global Sales Grow

Posted by David Hamilton on Mon, Apr, 2 2018 @ 11:50 AM

Amber Road Allied ElectronicsIn today’s competitive retail environment, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers face heightened expectations for product quality and delivery time from customers and suppliers. Beyond growing expectations, companies also contend with increasing regulatory complexity and enforcement, changing embargoes and trade agreements, and competitors rapidly expanding product lines.

Allied Electronics is a leading distributor of industrial automation products and electronic components offering same-day dispatch on over 1 million core products in more than 120 countries. They recognized the need to improve their trade compliance processes in order to keep pace with regulatory changes, which was exacerbated by the increasing number of SKUs and growing customer base. Allied Electronics chose Amber Road’s Export On-Demand solution over SAP GTS to equip their trade compliance program to handle the speed at which both regulation and their sales were growing. After three years of continuous growth, they upgraded to Amber Road’s Trade Automation platform. Our solutions enabled them to effectively manage country controls, restricted party screening (RPS), license determination and tracking, document generation, and filing.

Our new Customer Value Summary, Allied Electronics Automates Trade Compliance as Global Sales Grow, explores how this distributor partnered with Amber Road to revolutionize their export compliance program as they grew. Amber Road helped Allied achieve full confidence in their compliance, amplify global sales, as well as the below benefits:

  • Increased export screening from 10% to over 90%Amber Road Allied Electronics Restricted Party Screening
  • Improved shipping speed, from "3-day" to "same-day," despite growth in demand
  • Attained confidence in passing compliance regulations, including ITAR compliance
  • Accelerated expansion of company’s product portfolio via increased compliance infrastructure
  • Established a competitive edge by facilitating a single working provider for their suppliers and customers

Allied recognized the value of export compliance as a revenue generator, risk reducer, and a crucial element to maintain in their global expansion – learn how a digital trade compliance solution can help you achieve similar results!

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Topics: Export Compliance, Export Management, ITAR Compliance, Restricted Party Screening

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