Amber Road Launches New Multi-Country Customs Warehousing Platform with Enhanced Support for European Customs Filing

Posted by Kelsey Barker on April 9, 2019

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Amber Road EU Customs Filing and Customs Warehouse SolutionsAmber Road has expanded its support for customs filing in Europe in conjunction with the launch of a new multi-country customs warehousing platform. These solutions address the need for companies to rapidly configure their supply chain given changes in trade regulations or business strategy and to fully digitize trade processes with direct self-filing to customs agencies.

The Amber Road GTM solution integrates Global Knowledge® trade content from over 170 countries with order-to-cash processes to ensure compliant cross-border trade.  The new multi-country customs warehousing solution delivers a single platform from which to take advantage of the cost savings and supply chain efficiencies when moving bonded and non-bonded inventory in and out of Europe.   

 Supply chain transactions are enhanced with product compliance information to create an electronic version of the customs declaration, which can be directly filed with customs.  With embedded business process orchestration frameworks, trade flows can be rapidly defined or reconfigured based on changes to the business or aligned with the specific requirements of a new customs modernization program.

"Major trade policy changes such as Brexit, new multi-lateral trade agreements and the potential for trade wars is increasing the need for chief supply chain officers to build flexible supply chains,” said Nathan Pieri, Chief Product Officer at Amber Road. “With a global trade management (GTM) platform that digitizes sourcing, compliance, warehousing and filing processes, companies can react quickly to these changes and maintain the lowest cost delivery to their end markets.”

To learn more about Amber Road’s European customs filing and bonded warehouse management solutions, read our new brochure!


European Customs Filing and Customs Bonded Warehouse Management

This post was published on April 9, 2019 and updated on April 9, 2019.

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