Foreign Trade Zones Generate Cash

Posted by Nathan Pieri on May 12, 2010

Foreign Trade Zones have been in use for nearly seventy six years with the passage of the Foreign Trade Zones Act of 1934 to expedite and encourage foreign commerce. Foreign Trade Zones are now a key component of U.S. trade policy and offer companies several opportunities to reduce costs with:

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Topics: Duty Management, Foreign-Trade Zones

Best Practices - Trade Agreements

Posted by Nathan Pieri on April 19, 2010

If your company is considering utilizing a free trade agreement such as NAFTA, or wants to maximize the savings from a free trade agreement, read our Trade Agreement Best Practices Benchmark.

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Topics: Duty Management, Free Trade Agreements

Visibility Year in Review 2009

Posted by Nathan Pieri on December 11, 2009

More and more companies are becoming aware of the need for detailed metrics to track supply chain performance, according to a recent study done by the Georgia Southern University and the University of Tennessee on issues in transportation and logistics.

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Topics: Performance Management Reporting, Supply Chain Visibility

Shippers and 3PLs Report Lack KPIs

Posted by Nathan Pieri on October 17, 2009

According to the 14th Annual Third-Party Logistics Study, which was conducted by Capgemini Consulting, both shippers and 3PLs are reporting that their current IT provider is not giving them the tools they need to measure performance:

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Topics: Export Management, Performance Management Reporting

The IT Perspective: Trade Compliance Get Rights

Posted by Nathan Pieri on August 20, 2009

Although posted in April 2008, Supply Chain Digest has a good article for anyone planning a Trade Compliance implementation: Five Surprises from a Trade Compliance Application. Most trade compliance experts know what they want to achieve with a new solution – but this article does a good job identifying some critical applications to efficiently maintain a system:

  • Data Archiving Tools
  • Data Processing Reports
  • Automated Compliance Updates
  • Product Classification Tools
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Expanding the Value Of Trade Compliance

Posted by Nathan Pieri on July 12, 2009

Have you struggled with raising corporate awareness of the importance of trade compliance? If so, you’re not alone. Beyond the ‘soft benefits’ of complying with regulations, millions of dollars of financial savings can be realized by companies that invest in compliance and global trade management strategies as outlined in the attached report.

In a recent research report, Aberdeen Group found that few companies have examined and quantified the financial benefits that their trade compliance group brings to their company or assessed fully where the greatest opportunities are for driving further improvement. Click here to request a copy.

Fantastic reading to understand how your company can generate new savings in areas like:

  • Optimizing sourcing decisions with accurate total landed cost
  • Reducing brokerage costs by self-filing
  • Expand the number of trade agreements managed and reduce duties
  • Implement a free trade zone
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Topics: Global Sourcing

Informed Compliance Means You Can't Pull a Homer

Posted by Nathan Pieri on June 10, 2009

You can't mess with export controls, especially if you deal with sensitive technologies. Here’s an example of the consequences of export control violations: Atmospheric Glow Technologies and former University of Tennessee professor J. Reece Roth.

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Topics: Export Management, Export Compliance

Applying Business Process Management to the Global Supply Chain

Posted by Nathan Pieri on May 15, 2009

Today's supply chain is much more complex than it was ten years ago given the monumental shift from domestic to global sourcing. Also with new regulations like Customs 10+2 that place accountability on the importer, there is a big push to control (or at least have visibility) to operations at origin. So , business process mapping today plays a key role to understand product flows, process hand-offs and informational triggers.

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Topics: Supply Chain Visibility, Order and Shipment Visibility

Supply Chain Strategies to Deal With the Downturn

Posted by Nathan Pieri on April 25, 2009

Many companies are trying to figure out in this current economic crisis how to cut costs and do more with less. Here are some strategies that we are seeing supply chain experts implement to get "leaner" and survive the recession:

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Topics: Supply Chain Visibility, Order and Shipment Visibility

Import Automation Prioritized as Security Regs Drive Accountability

Posted by Nathan Pieri on March 4, 2009

Last in my "outlook for 09": a new priority to automate imports. Many companies have imported for years through distributors or aligned closely with a logistics service provider that facilitated the process. With the recent legislation around supply chain securty like Customs 10+2, many importers are realizing that they are fully accountable, but don't feel like they have enough visibility and control over their destiny.

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Topics: Import Management, Importer Security Filing

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