Blockchain & Purchase Orders - A Match Made in Heaven?

Posted by Paris Riley on Thu, Oct, 18 2018 @ 9:14 AM

Global trade and global trade management are becoming increasingly more complex without the right tools on hand. The solution to navigating the numerous potential complications and their impact on supply chains worldwide has always been technology in the form of a digitized supply chain. If you haven't heard, the big new thing in technology right now is blockchain. But how could this work in the supply chain?

WP-Blockchain-Smart-Contracts-Facebook-1200x630As we delve deeper into blockchain’s potential capabilities and uses, we’ve found that one thing remains the same – blockchain for the supply chain just seems to make sense. In our first whitepaper on blockchain for the supply chain we found that there are a multitude of ways that blockchain could be used, including supplier management and end-to-end visibility.  In our second and newest white paper we further explore blockchain’s potential for use with smart contracts and purchase order management. 

Amber Road’s new white paper, Blockchain for Supply Chain: Smart Contracts and Purchase Order Management, explores how this new technology can:

  • Streamline the inclusion of complex business rules
  • Proactively uncover and address any changes in the purchase order
  • Serve as the center of a "meta-block" for all international suppliers

Discover how blockchain can be used to with smart contracts and purchase orders download the white paper today!                                         .

Blockchain for Supply Chain: Smart Contracts & Purchase Order Management

Topics: Global Trade Management

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