Captain Compliance to the Rescue: Simplifying Export Compliance!

Posted by Joseph Gabro on Sun, May, 13 2018 @ 12:30 PM

As companies continue to grow, so too do the total shipments and countries in their global supply chain, further complicating existing export compliance processes. Whether it be restricted party lists, export controls, license requirements, or the various regulatory risks exporters face on a daily basis, an automated and configurable solution is needed to make things easier - that's where Captain Compliance comes in!

In addition to businesses exporting goods, Captain Compliance also helps universities and research organizations manage their unique export compliance programs. The battle against old enemies like General Negligence and Major Complacency are on-going, regardless of the type of organization.  Learn more about the adventures of Captain Compliance on our new site for SMBs! You can also learn how she can help a company without a robust Export Compliance solution in the video below:

Captain Compliance - Superhero for SMB Organizations


Amber Road’s Export On-Demand is an affordable, subscription-based offering perfectly suited for businesses entering international markets. Don't wait any longer - Contact us today to learn how Captain Compliance can help you reduce costs, improve compliance, and profitably develop new markets!

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Topics: Export Management, Deemed Exports, Export Compliance, Restricted Party Screening

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