Global Post-Entry Adjustment - Now Easier than Ever

Posted by Paris Riley on February 22, 2019

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After a long day of work, the last thing anybody wants to hear is they need to go back and fix a mistake. Unfortunately, when it comes to the Customs filing process, errors are more common than anybody would like, and once an error is noticed importers have an obligation to go back and correct it. For large shippers who could potentially have 15,000 entries with 150,000 lines in a year, this makes post-entry adjustment a burdensome task to execute. At last, there is hope for importers after all.Amber Road Global Post Entry Adjustment Brochure-LP

As a part of Amber Road's Import Management Solution, the global post-entry adjustment feature allows for:
  • Streamlined post-entry correction/ entry adjustment activities with mass search and mass update functionality
  • Added system integrity to ensure no outstanding PSCs and EAs simultaneously exist for US imports
  • Efficiently generated correction reports for customs brokers across declarations

Customs post-entry adjustment is an all too common and time consuming part of an importers job, but it doesn't have to be. Our import management solution's global post-entry adjustment feature provides efficient and accurate means for importers to file post-entry adjustments across impacted entries and reduce the amount. Don't spend another minute trying to individually update Customs entry mistakes - download the Global Post-Entry Adjustment brochure today!

Global Post-Entry Adjustment Brochure

This post was published on February 22, 2019 and updated on February 22, 2019.

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