Global Trade Academy Certification – Certified Classification Specialist

Posted by Nick Fabretti on Fri, Apr, 21 2017 @ 10:10 AM

Accurately classifying products is an absoluteGTA_2_200x200-17.jpg necessity, yet one of the most difficult tasks corporations face today. Organizations need to train key personnel on a systematic approach to properly classify all product lines.

Amber Road's Global Trade Academy's Certified Classification Specialist™ (CCLS™) program is the only program worldwide that teaches participants the General Rules of Interpretation (GRIs) and requires them to be able to defend their classification choices as part of the process. The CCLS™ designation conveys that an individual has strong knowledge and skills of the underlying methodology for classification for entry to any country whose tariff is based on the World Customs Organization’s Harmonized System.

A Certified Classification Specialist™ is someone who has earned the designation CCLS™ after completing a rigorous five-day course and passing an examination upon completion. The designation requires earning continuing education credit to maintain. A CCLS™ holder is authorized to use the certification mark in communications and business cards. This course will be taking place at the following dates and locations:

  • June 5-9 in Los Angeles, CA
  • September 11-15 in London, UK
  • October 9-13 in Chicago, IL
  • November 27-December 1 in Singapore
  • December 4-8 in Tysons Corner

The CCLS™ course is also available in-house at a location of a company’s choosing anywhere in the world. Join us to learn how to accurately classify products!


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