Take Control of Your Supply Chain, Despite Market Volatility

Posted by Emily Thornton on Tue, May, 31 2011 @ 11:35 AM

According to a recent supply chain survey conducted by Capgemini Consulting, demand volatility was the top business driver for supply chain managers (40% of survey respondents ranked it as number one). This is because although the economy seems to be improving, market demand is still uncertain, making it more difficult to operate a reliable supply chain. In order to counter this challenge, survey respondents are determined to improve the visibility of their supply chains (this ranked as top initiative for 45%).

Supply chain visibility is something that can be easily achieved by implementing an enterprise-wide automated technology solution. A software solution such as Management Dynamics' allows users precisely monitor the inbound and outbound movement of goods at the shipment, order and SKU level, using over 350 reference points. This level of visibility enables suppliers, manufacturers, retailers and transportation companies to improve customer service and minimize expediting costs by managing inventory in-transit. So no matter how volatile the market is, companies can have complete visibility and control of their inventory levels.

To learn more about how a software solution can improve supply chain visibility, please check out Supply Chain Visibility Excellence: Fostering Security, Resiliency and Efficiency. This new report from Aberdeen Group focuses on gaining visibility into critical elements across the end-to-end logistics network for improving cost and service. Additionally, it takes a look at how Best-in-Class companies are streamlining their supply chains.

Key findings include:

  • Best-in-Class companies experienced a 3% decrease in supply chain execution cost as a percent of revenue (inbound /outbound transportation, pipeline and staged inventory and SC management costs)
  • Best-in-Class companies experienced a 3% decrease in total landed costs per unit handled
  • Best-in-Class companies are between 19% and 42% more likely to respond to non-catastrophic supply chain disruptions within hours.

Download the report today by clicking the button below.

Industry Report - Aberdeen Group Supply Chain Visibility Excellence

To read more on the Capgemini survey findings, please check out Material Handling & Logistics' article, Demand Volatility Is the Top Business Driver for Supply Chain Managers.

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