Let’s Talk About Global Sourcing

Posted by Gary M. Barraco on April 23, 2019

When comparing today's retail environment with the past, it isn't surprising that the industry remains focused on improving visibility in the supply chain (again).  Anyone who reads the daily news realizes the greater complexity of our business. You've got fast fashion, global competition, changing demographics, seismic political shifts, demanding consumers, product innovation, and throw in an NGO or two pushing for ethical sourcing and sustainability (rightfully so). So many things are affecting apparel and footwear companies, many of which brands have very little control over.

There are things companies can have better control over: supply chain visibility for one.  Generally, visibility means that you know what's happening throughout the product life-cycle of your goods and where it's happening at any given time. Moreover, while there are different levels of visibility, I think what we want to discuss is full end-to-end visibility – I like to think of it as a transparent glass pipeline – that allows access to every piece of data on a given product at any given time. And it's essential beyond being called a "buzzword," because full visibility allows a company to deliver their products to their customers on-time and with the level of quality that people have come to expect.

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Rider University's Global Supply Chain Symposium Highlights Sanctions & Other Trade Hurdles

Posted by Paris Riley on April 18, 2019

Managing a global supply chain isn't confined to simple logistics - trade regulations, Customs entry requirements, and shifting tariff rules can have a weighty impact on your landed cost and speed to market.

That's why, at Rider University's Global Supply Chain Symposium, supply chain leaders spoke on a panel titled Global Trade and Its Impact on Your Supply Chain. Suzanne Richer, Director of Amber Road's Trade Advisory Practice, joined executives from Subaru and Firmenich at the symposium which welcomed supply chain and logistics professionals for a full day of presentations and panels from industry leaders.

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Make the Switch to a Digital Supply Chain at RILA's LINK Conference

Posted by Paris Riley on February 20, 2019

Between consumer demands, shrinking deadlines, getting goods to market, rising costs, and shifting trade policies – the job of a retailer is becoming increasingly challenging. But it doesn’t have to be an impossible task. If you haven’t done it yet, it’s time to make the switch to a digital supply chain technology solution that can help you move products to market faster, reduce operating costs, and improve profitability, all while lowering brand risk. 

The Retail Industry Leaders Association's LINK conference in Orlando, Florida next week is a great opportunity to learn more about the numerous benefits of supply chain digitization and its impact on logistics, in-transit visibility, and  free trade agreements. With sessions like The Shopping Revolution: How Successful Retailers Win Customers in an Era of Endless Disruption and Trade Wars: Retailers’ Strategies for Coping with Tariff Uncertainty, you can see what's top of mind for retailers today.

Our white paper, The Top 6 Global Supply Chain Expectations for 2019, also delves into some of these concerns and potential growth areas and outlines how a digital solution can combat volatility in both the market and with government regulations. Amber Road’s global trade management software solutions work to streamline your value chain and mitigate risks allowing your organization to focus on forward growth:

  • Gain real-time visibility, enabling you to respond proactively to disruptions
  • Enhance efficiencies by decreasing manually intensive compliance and supply chain processes
  • Reduce compliance risks and lower material costs
  • Collaborate with suppliers to improve product quality, production status and compliance
  • Reduce landed cost by producing products at cost-optimal locations to minimize tariffs and taxes
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There’s Money in the Material: Hear from Deckers Brands at Product Innovation Apparel

Posted by Julia Gorman on May 24, 2018

Consumers want speed - fashion brands need to deliver or fall behind. The need for speed trickles all the way down to product design. To stay in the game, brands need to fully transform their supply chains in order to streamline operations without sacrificing quality. From raw material order processes to supply chain visibility, brands have turned to technology to ensure flexibility, agility and visibility from conception to delivery.

Amber Road is excited to attend the 2018 Product Innovation Apparel Workshop in New York City from June 19 to 20. PI Apparel serves as a platform for technology and software providers to share the solutions that are disrupting the fashion, apparel and footwear industry.

Amber Road will kick off Day 2 of the conference with a Think Tank session: ‘There’s Money in the Material: Reducing Material Spend.’ Amber Road’s Gary Barraco, Director of Global Product Marketing, and Cheryl Layne, Customer Success Champion, will lead the session alongside Deckers Brands’ Director of Materials, John Graebin. The Think Tank will take place June 20th at 8:30AM on the second floor of the library in room 3.

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You Can't Afford to Wait: Go Digital at Gartner Supply Chain Conference

Posted by Julia Gorman on May 9, 2018

Global supply chains can no longer afford to operate in traditional ways. Fax, email and phone have become outpaced by today’s rapidly changing and complex world. Technological innovations have enabled companies to replace the disconnect of traditional methods with supply chain transparency.

Surveys show that only 45% of companies have started the digital transformation, but 56% of those who have were improving profitably. That means it’s time to digitize your global supply chain and the Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference is a great place to start!

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Discover Apparel & Footwear Innovation at AAFA’s Sourcing Conference

Posted by Julia Gorman on April 12, 2018

Global supply chains are transforming under the pressure of today’s complex and unpredictable environment. If your supply chain has remained stagnant despite modern challenges, it’s time to consider some innovative solutions to keep pace with industry leaders. The American Apparel & Footwear Association (AAFA) 2018 Sourcing Conference is a great opportunity to discover the latest in apparel and footwear innovation.

Amber Road is a proud sponsor of AAFA’s 2018 Conference, Supply Chain Innovation: The Key To Success in the New Retail Dynamic. This year’s conference will take place at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center in Washington, D.C. from April 24 – 25.

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Amber Road Loves Customer Engagement – Watch This New Video

Posted by Julia Gorman on March 14, 2018

We’d like to thank our global customers for engaging with Amber Road! We love hearing your comments and suggestions here at Marketing@AmberRoad, and on our GTM Best Practices LinkedIn Group and @GTMBestPractice. Your Customer Success Director always appreciates hearing from you too – so please keep engaging!

Most of all, we love when we get the opportunity to see our customers in-person. This past May, we hosted our eVOLVE User Conference at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center in National Harbor, just outside of Washington, DC. This was a fantastic event because we took the time to celebrate our world renowned customers, including GE, Abercrombie & Fitch, Regal Beloit, Caleres, TE Connectivity...and many more!

The user conference consisted of user-driven case studies, product updates, and best practice sessions from industry leaders. eVOLVE’s highlights and customer insights were beautifully captured in this short recap video.

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Reinventing the Retail Supply Chain: Amber Road at RILA 2018

Posted by Julia Gorman on February 14, 2018

Every year, the 2018 Retail Supply Chain Conference gathers leading retail executives for an opportunity to network and discover developments in retail supply chain management. This one of a kind event is based on the theme of ‘Reinventing the Retail Supply Chain: Accelerating What’s Possible.’ As a global trade management software provider, Amber Road’s products take a strong focus on reinventing the retail supply chain.

Amber Road is excited to attend at this year’s conference in Phoenix, AZ from February 25-28 at exhibit booth 219. Our industry experts will be available to chat & educate global retailers of how Amber Road’s global trade management solutions can serve their organization.

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Planning Your Global Supply Chain for 2020 and Beyond

Posted by Julia Gorman on January 16, 2018


As AI and advanced robotics become a tangible reality, the future of supply chains is put into question. Technology is on the cusp of dramatic changes that will transform the way we conduct global trade.

Amber Road addresses digitization as a critical first step to a future oriented global supply chain. The old way of doing business by fax, email and phone are no longer adequate in today’s fast-moving world. Although we’re operating in present-day, it’s important to prepare and adjust your supply chain and global operations for the future.

Amber Road is thrilled to be sponsoring and speaking at the APICS Professional Development Series in St. Louis on Thursday, January 18th. Suzanne Richer, Director of Trade Advisory Practice at Amber Road, is the event’s featured speaker. Richer will explore, ‘Trends in Global Supply Chains: Planning for 2020 and Beyond.’ 

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Gain an EDGE with Digitization at CSCMP 2017

Posted by Julia Gorman on September 22, 2017

Many supply chains are on the cusp of a digital transformation. To remain afloat in the competitive and challenging environment, companies must optimize efficiency across all points of their supply chains all the while improving margins and reducing direct costs. Next week's CSCMP 2017 EDGE Supply Chain Conference is where cutting-edge supply chain solutions are shared, discovered, and explored by supply chain executives of the world’s top organizations.

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