Digitizing The Global Supply Chain: Talking Logistics Interview

Posted by David Hamilton

Ty Bordner, SVP of Marketing and Business Development at Amber Road, speaks with Adrian Gonzalez, President of Adelante SCM and Founder of Talking Logistics, about the key elements of digitizing the supply chain. Adrian and Ty take a deep dive into the following questions:

  • What does digitizing the supply chain mean?
  • How can companies get started? Where does the journey begin?
  • What value and benefits can organizations derive from it?
  • What new technologies and opportunities are shifting the landscape? What actions should companies take to keep up with future advancements?
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Your Blockchain Questions Answered: Blockchain for Global Supply Chain Webinar Q&A

Posted by Kelsey Barker

There is no doubt that blockchain technology has the powerful potential to improve digital supply chains and global trade management. But how?

That's the question Dan Gardner, VP of Supply Chain for Lakeshore Learning Materials and co-founder of Trade Facilitators, Inc., and Amber Road’s Ty Bordner both answered during Amber Road's recent webinar, Blockchain for Global Supply Chain: Ghost in the Machine or Breakthrough Technology? Of course, blockchain is such a top topic these days that Dan and Ty's introduction sparked a ton of debate, and they were only able to address a fraction of viewers' questions during the hour-long webcast. Luckily, we've compiled their answers to these queries below. See if they've answered some of your biggest questions about how blockchain can be applied to the global supply chain, then watch the webinar on-demand here

  • Question: Although I understand "how" this can work for the Global Supply Chain, what I don't understand is "why" it could be preferable to existing data tracking tools?
    • Answer: As we all know, the global supply chain is highly complex, and there are many different types of use cases spanning the process from purchase order to payment. Not all of the processes are appropriate for Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). The most appropriate use cases would have attributes which lend themselves to the need for absolute trust and exchange of value.
  • Q: As a solo exporter, should I adopt this system in my trade financing operations? Can a block of documents be used for satisfying the Letter of Credit (L/C) performance?
    • A: The Letter of Credit use case seems to be very compelling for DLT (i.e. Blockchain). There clearly is an exchange of value with a Letter of Credit and many of the terms and conditions of an LC can be automated as part of set of business rules (smart contracts). Of course the information representing the LC and the actual movement of the goods (BoL, Commercial Invoice, Packing List, etc.) must be in a digital form.
  • Q: Contracts are confidential, but how does confidentiality/anonymity work in a distributed ledger?
    • A: Blockchain (DLT) technology can be implemented in different ways. There is a concept of a public blockchain (Ex. Bitcoin) and a private or permissioned blockchain. In a permissioned blockchain only the parties that have been given privileges will be able to see confidential information.
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Blockchain For Supply Chain: Will It Enhance Your Global Trade Management?

Posted by Paris Riley

Blockchain just might be the biggest buzzword of this year, but what is it and how can we use it? While it’s still a developing technology, blockchain has already shown promise for its potential application for supply chain solutions. As we continue to move forward into the digital age and engage in a digital supply chain transformation, blockchain for global trade management seems like the next logical step.

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Blockchain: Building Blocks to Supply Chain Transparency

Posted by Julia Gorman

In the past two years, ‘blockchain’ has become one of the most powerful terms within the business realm. Today, ‘blockchain’ continues to be all the buzz and for good reason!

Blockchain provides encrypted and decentralized method of storing information and value giving it the potential to digitally disrupt a variety of industries. But what exactly does this mean for global supply chains?

Amber Road’s brochure, Blockchain Goes Beyond Visibility to Supply Chain Transparency, explores the blockchain basics and the modes in which it is disrupting industries for the better.

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Amber Road Loves Customer Engagement – Watch This New Video

Posted by Julia Gorman

We’d like to thank our global customers for engaging with Amber Road! We love hearing your comments and suggestions here at Marketing@AmberRoad, and on our GTM Best Practices LinkedIn Group and @GTMBestPractice. Your Customer Success Director always appreciates hearing from you too – so please keep engaging!

Most of all, we love when we get the opportunity to see our customers in-person. This past May, we hosted our eVOLVE User Conference at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center in National Harbor, just outside of Washington, DC. This was a fantastic event because we took the time to celebrate our world renowned customers, including GE, Abercrombie & Fitch, Regal Beloit, Caleres, TE Connectivity...and many more!

The user conference consisted of user-driven case studies, product updates, and best practice sessions from industry leaders. eVOLVE’s highlights and customer insights were beautifully captured in this short recap video.

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What's Your Reality of a Digital Supply Chain?

Posted by Tiffany Gourdin

You may think your supply chain is digital, thanks to all those nifty tech tools you conduct business with like barcode scanners, robotics, and transportation management systems (TMS) - but is it really? These days, most supply chains use some sort of digital technology, and many best-in-class organizations are looking ahead to more advanced technologies. Their intention is to transform their supply chains to make them faster, smarter, more efficient, integrated, and agile.

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Go Digital & Tackle the Complexities of Global Trade

Posted by Julia Gorman

80% of supply chain executives expect the digital supply chain to become the predominant model within 5 years. That's why best in-class companies align global trade management with business objectives and challenge it as a "cost of doing business." These organizations recognize that a digital supply chain results in both qualitative and quantifiable value.

Unfortunately, the trail leading to where the value of digitization can be derived is riddled with complexities. Amber Road and Journal of Commerce partnered up to create an infographic titled ‘Navigating the Complexities of Global Trade Management.’

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Welcome to 2018: A Year of Continued Global Supply Chain Challenges

Posted by Julia Gorman

In 2017, global trade made a major comeback across global economies, inspiring hope that the climate is ready to improve. Simultaneously, the complexity of conducting global trade and complying effectively with numerous and growing regulatory and licensing requirements has also boomed. As we flip the calendar to 2018, companies with global supply chains must remain vigil within this peculiar mix of improvement and distress.

Today, every business is a digital business and the impact of digital strategies on supply chain management are of particular importance. For businesses around the globe, 2018 will be shaped by the success rate of digital transformation efforts. Amber Road’s white paper, 6 Global Supply Chain Trends to Watch in 2018, outlines the top issues that your 2018 digital strategy should address.

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Amber Road CEO Talks Digitizing the Global Supply Chain on Fox Business News – Watch Here!

Posted by Joseph Gabro

Yes, that's right - if you were watching Fox Business News this past Saturday, our newest video aired around 12:00pm EST!

Every company is affected by global trade and in today's enviornment, trade is ever-changing and increasingly complex! So how can your company prepare for the inevitable challenges ahead?

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The Impact of Technology on Supply Chain Management: Why Go Digital?

Posted by Julia Gorman


Many global supply chains are still paper-based, reactionary, and error-prone. Even if companies have adopted some digital processes, they are essentially re-keying data in across their suppliers, forwarders, customs brokers, ect. Beyond the large amount of unnecessary work, the resulting errors are inevitable.

Bob Bowman, Editor at SupplyChainBrain, and Ty Bordner, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at Amber Road, discuss how establishing one central repository of transactional and master data can transform a company’s supply chain and create tremendous value. The video interview, ‘Why Global Supply Chains Must Go Digital’ explores everything from a definition of ‘global supply chains’ to what the future has in store.

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