Trade Sanctions Update: The Hotbed Gets Hotter

Posted by Gary M. Barraco

In recent years, importers and exporters have needed to stay on their toes regarding changes to trade rules of all kinds, and that is rightly causing trepidation. 

Economic and trade sanctions are the most widespread and powerful means of displaying disdain for one country’s actions on the world stage. Unilateral or bilateral sanctions are strong penalties that restrict trading activity of goods imported from or to a country. They might also be used to assess duties on particular goods in retaliation for another country’s trade sanctions.

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Are You Ready for Export & Import Compliance Ch-ch-changes? 

Posted by Paris Riley

As the late great David Bowie said in his 1971 hit song Changes, "time may change supply chains, but supply chains can't change time." Well... maybe not exactly that. Nonetheless, last year brought about many changes in the global trade industry. We saw a rise in protectionist measures worldwide, new import regulations, and free trade agreement negotiations that could greatly impact leading economies. All of these new developments can be quite concerning for importers and exporters, but which should be top of mind and how can you be prepared?

American Shipper’s Import/Export Compliance Benchmark Study: Turn and Face the Change explores the concerns of today’s shippers and provides insight into how other importers, exporters, retailers, and manufacturers handle cross-border trade. In fact, did you know that 40% of exporters want better market access in China for their products?

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Pivotal Trade Initiatives: Increased Duties & The Global Supply Chain Impact

Posted by Suzanne Richer

The importing community is reacting to the recently announced tariff increases based on a recommendation from the United States International Trade Commission. This led to President Trump’s move to add a 30% tariff on solar cells and up to 50% for imported washing machines. The tariffs on the solar cells would decrease over a four-year period. 

The President is using Section 201 of the Trade Act of 1974, the so-called “escape clause” to take this action. This rarely used statutory provision empowers the President to grant temporary import relief, by raising import duties or imposing non-tariff barriers on goods entering the United States that injure or threaten to injure domestic industries that produce similar goods.  

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Webinar: How Will Changing Trade Policies Impact Your Global Supply Chain?

Posted by Paris Riley

How will your company handle trade policy changes? From the latest trade restrictions on the import of solar panels and washing machines, to ongoing NAFTA renegotiations, extensive policy changes are underway. A recent survey of more than 500 global logistics executives found that shippers are divided on the potential outcome of US free trade agreement negotiations and are generally unsure what to expect. Others are scrambling to deal with unexpected trade regulations that have shaken their industries to the very core.  

Amber Road wants to help you navigate these changes. Currently, there are eight major policy initiatives in review that could be a big adjustment for importers – affecting both the bottom line and key business practices.

Join Amber Road’s Global Trade Academy as we explore the major changes that should be on your radar during our webinar, The Great Trade Pivot: Changing Policies and Their Impact on Your Global Supply Chain, broadcasting live on Wednesday, February 7 at 2pm EST.

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Making Lemonade in the Age of Trade Restrictions

Posted by Nick Fabretti

Unpredictability around trade protectionism isn't just limited to the US, or even the western hemisphere. For global companies sourcing and shipping around the world, it can be important to know some of the quirkier import and export anomalies, saving time and avoiding headaches from denied shipments and surprise tariffs.

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NAFTA 2.0 – Round One of Negotiations

Posted by Jonathan Dicks

The first round of negotiation meetings of North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) 2.0 were held in Washington D.C. on August 16-20, 2017. The negotiating parties convened to modernize the NAFTA agreement (implemented in 1994) at the request of the Trump Administration. Trump has repeatedly threatened to withdraw from the Agreement, unless new terms (favorable to the U.S.) are struck.

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Webinar: Trade Defense Measures & the EU’s Use of Anti-Dumping Duties

Posted by Julia Gorman

The subject of antidumping and countervailing duties can be very intimidating for most businesses involved in international trade. Therefore, it’s important to understand the background behind these unfair trade practices and how governments defend against them.

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Duty Drawback Success Story: A $1.3 Million Return on Investment

Posted by Suzanne Richer

Duty Drawback represents one of Customs’ most long-standing benefits to firms, as it offers companies a refund of up to 99% of taxes, duties and fees paid when imported merchandise is exported or destroyed within certain timeframes. The concept is simple – match your import entry documents with the corresponding export docs, file for expedited payment processing, and voila! Money will flow into your bank account.

As simple as it seems, drawback regulations are among the most complicated, and it is estimated that $2.8 billion dollars is left unclaimed by companies eligible for refund. Enter Amber Road’s Global Trade Academy – after attending the unique 3-day Duty Drawback Certificate Program, attendees have succeeded in securing incredible refunds for their firms.

One great success story is that of Tammy Anderson, Logistics Supervisor with an electronics firm, who in less than one year was able to secure $1.3 million dollars from her drawback program.  

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AAEI Annual Conference to Investigate How e-Commerce Impacts Global Trade

Posted by Nick Fabretti

Since the Great Recession of 2008, global trade has remained flat while e-commerce has increased 20% per year. While the disruptive force e-commerce has on the economy appears most prominently in the retail sector, this latest digitalization of trade will continue to change industry trade patterns and product distribution for years to come.

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Upcoming Webinar: The Ins and Outs of Tariff Classification

Posted by Nick Fabretti

With evolving import regulations and products, tariff classification can be a challenging exercise for even the most experienced international trade professional. Ensuring accuracy at the time of entry is crucial to avoid paying fines and penalties.

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