Forced Labor: Passé or Probable?

Posted by Gary M. Barraco on October 21, 2016

Ask any social compliance or corporate governance executive about forced or slave labor and the response is always the same: “It is unacceptable in my supply chain.”  Yet the reality is most supply chains lack the transparency to identify and take action against suppliers who violate this policy. Even with increased regulations and growing pressure from consumers and NGOs, industries struggle to maintain compliance

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Webinar Q&A: Dick's Sporting Goods Goes to the Source

Posted by Kelsey Barker on September 2, 2016

During our webinar with SupplyChainBrain last month, Ryan Miller of Dick's Sporting Goods discussed how the company has adopted new technology to automate and simplify the supplier relationship management process, making it easy for sourcing executives to make quick, informed decisions about their suppliers. Several viewers asked questions during the webinar, and while our speakers were unable to answer them all live, Ryan Miller and Gary Barraco have answered the additional questions here.

Q: Does your implementation of Amber Road integrate with other systems?

Ryan:  Yes, absolutely.  We are integrated today with Flex PLM from PTC.  That’s our main development system where we are doing all our tech packs, and that’s where our product information starts.  Amber Road comes at the beginning.  So as we are onboarding a vendor, all that vendor data is fed from Amber Road into PTC.  And then later on after development is through, we feed the data back from PTC back over to Amber Road for product testing and materials testing.  It’s one continuous back and forth integration.

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How Can Software Help Secure Your Supply Chain?

Posted by Kelsey Barker on June 24, 2015

Supply chain security can take a number of forms, and the challenge can seem daunting: cyber-crime, terrorism and even regulatory compliance audits are constant, complicated threats. Software can help secure your supply chain and assist with government compliance and internal risk assessment.

Recently, governments have instituted security-related shipment regulations to keep on top of supply chain crime, which helps to protect the supply chain, but also requires an extensive compliance program on the part of the shipper. Global trade management software can assist with programs like the Importer Security Filing and Additional Carrier Requirements (commonly known as “10+2”) in the U.S., and the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT). Additionally, the World Customs Organization has adopted a new framework for security filing programs, meaning that many other countries will adopt similar regimes.

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The Nine Costs of Non-Compliance Infographic

Posted by Ryan Gudovitz on February 10, 2015

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Is Santa Claus Covered Under CPSIA, REACH, China GB or ASTM?

Posted by Ryan Gudovitz on November 11, 2014

Ensuring St. Nick Stays Safe

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house...

You have everything in place for a wonderful morning of holiday gift-giving and memories to be made.

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care…

So you settle down with a mug of warm cocoa, light the log in the fireplace, and unwind from the hustle and bustle of the holiday. 

When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter

I thought, “Uh, oh. What is that noise out there?  Kids messing around with my 6 foot inflatable Abominable Snowman? Someone on their way home from a party?”  

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Mailroom Mix-Up: $15 Export Results in $90,000 Penalty

Posted by Kelsey Barker on April 17, 2014

We’re sure it happens all the time: your company receives a product order, but you can’t decide whether to send it to the account address or the shipping address. However, if those two addresses are in Iran and Dubai, and your product could potentially be used in nuclear programs, you may want to double-check where your shipment is headed – or you could get slapped with a $90,000 fine.

That’s what happened to Lee Specialties, a Canadian manufacturer of oil field equipment, when they shipped rubber circles known as Viton o-rings to Iran in January 2012.

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Conflicting Messages Re: Conflict Minerals Management

Posted by Maurica Burke on June 18, 2013

The Securities and Exchange Commission caught many companies off guard when they decided to adopt the final rule on conflict minerals management for all goods sold in the United States, but why is the apparel and footwear industry finding it so difficult to conform to the new laws?  Is it because of the insufficient guidance from the SEC or the fact that traceability of minerals in softlines isn’t as easy as it sounds?  Both are true and now the industry is working on both ends of the problem to reach a solution. 

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Tragedy Exemplifies Need for Brand Protection against Social Compliance Violations

Posted by Gary M. Barraco on November 27, 2012

Corporate Social Responsibility and Traceability Tools Essential for Global Sourcing

The terrible news from Bangladesh has focused the world’s attention on garment factories and reminds most in the industry of a similar tragedy in New York City in 1911 at Triangle Shirtwaist Factory. But the reports of the Tazreen Fashions fire that occurred on November 24th outside of Dhaka, Bangladesh leaving more than 110 factory workers dead, highlights the ongoing fire safety issues in that country. According to sources, fires at garment factories in Bangladesh have killed over 600 people in the last six years, including the December 2010 factory fire that resulted in 29 deaths.
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Supply Chain Risk Management: Compliance Takes Center Stage

Posted by Gary M. Barraco on October 31, 2011

Basic awareness of new product safety, social and environmental accountability regulations is not enough for brands and retailers; you must also initiate the daunting task of monitoring and documenting compliance throughout your supply chain.

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