Webinar Q&A: US Trade Policy Is Changing Rapidly - and So May Your Job!

Posted by Kelsey Barker

After laying dormant for almost thirty years, US trade policy has been swept up in a whirlwind of change. Last month’s Global Trade Academy webinar explored the pitfalls associated with these trade policy changes and recommended best practices to protect you and your company. You can find this webinar, US Trade Policy Is Changing Rapidly - and So May Your Job! on-demand here.

Global Trade Academy is hosting a second webinar in this regulatory update series tomorrow, July 12, at 2PM: Como está? Zěnmeliǎo? What’s happening? Trade Legislation Changes Around the World – Translated! Tune in to discover how US policy changes are affecting trade legislation around the world.

Viewers came armed with several questions about product classification, Drawback, the exclusion process, and more, and while our presenter Robin Grover answered many of your questions, we ran out of time to address them all. Luckily, Robin has compiled all his answers in this post.  

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Upcoming Webinar: Blockchain-Enabled Purchase Orders

Posted by Julia Gorman

The Key to Frictionless Global Supply Chain Execution

Whether you subscribe to the notion that blockchain-enabled supply chain solutions will see meaningful adoption this year, this decade, or never, it is impossible to deny the tsunami of investments moving the industry from concepts to enterprise-wide deployments.

Join American Shipper and Amber Road on June 28 at 2pm EDT for an upcoming webinar, Blockchain-Enabled Purchase Orders: The Key to Frictionless Global Supply Chain Execution. The hour-long broadcast will explore how blockchain at its core is a tool for systems integration and how the humble purchase order may hold the key to frictionless global trade management and supply chain execution. 

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Troubled by Rising Transportation Costs?

Posted by Paris Riley

Transportation costs continue to creep into a product’s profit margin. A recent study found that 58% of shippers cite transportation costs as their highest concern. Today, this concern has only grown.
Please join Amber Road and Supply Chain Quarterly for our upcoming webinar,  Taking the “Ouch” Out of Transportation Costs , broadcasting live tomorrow,  Wednesday, June 20 at 2pm EDT .
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Upcoming Webinar: U.S. Trade Policy Is Changing Rapidly & So May Your Job!

Posted by Julia Gorman

After lying dormant for almost 30 years, U.S. trade policy has been swept up in a whirlwind of change – and, surprise, your trade compliance job may get caught in the storm too! Your imports of a variety of products just became more expensive with the imposition of special tariffs and import restrictions. 

Join Amber Road’s Global Trade Academy’s upcoming webinar, U.S. Trade Policy Is Changing Rapidly - And So May Your Job!, on June 26th at 2:00PM EDT.

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Questioning Your Valuation ABC’s? We Have Answers!

Posted by Julia Gorman

Last week, Amber Road’s Global Trade Academy hosted the webinar, Valuation ABC’s & Related Party Transfer Pricing Pitfalls, which reviewed the critical components of proper Customs & Border Protection (CBP)’s valuation declarations, appraised value under Transaction Value, and how to prove inter-company transfer pricing between related parties.

Marian Ladner, Managing Partner at Ladner & Associates PC, presented on behalf of Global Trade Academy. Marian comes from an extensive background in trade law, providing her with a wealth of knowledge on trade compliance. With only an hour to cover such a complex topic, many of our viewers had additional questions.

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Gain Control of Your Global Supply Chain: American Shipper Webinar

Posted by Julia Gorman

Supply chain visibility spans from product conception to the receipt of payment. Such extensive transparency remains a foreign concept to many global companies whose visibility solutions end at shipment tracking. However, comprehensive digital solutions have made company-wide transparency achievable. Step 1: create a global supply chain control tower.

Amber Road is proud to sponsor American Shipper's upcoming webinar, What’s A Control Tower Without Control? airing Tuesday, April 24th at 2PM EDT. This hour-long broadcast will explore methods which global companies can truly gain control of their supply chains through enhanced visibility.

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Learn Your Valuation ABC’s With Global Trade Academy's Webinar

Posted by Julia Gorman

valuation-200x200The U.S. Customs & Border Protection (CBP)'s valuation declarations contain critical components that can end in crisis when left unacknowledged. For seamless trade, global companies must understand the basic components of appraised value under Transaction Value and how to prove inter-company transfer pricing between related parties.

Join Amber Road's Global Trade Academy for our upcoming webinar, Valuation ABC’s & Related Party Transfer Pricing Pitfalls, on Tuesday, April 17 at 2pm EDT. The webinar will address your top questions surrounding value for appraisement:

  • What’s an acceptable transaction value between unrelated parties?
  • What’s “acceptable” related party transfer pricing?
  • Acceptable proof for a CF 28; Focused Assessment (FA), or Importer Self Assessment (ISA) program

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Webinar: Don’t Be Blindsided by Customs Law & Import Regulations!

Posted by Julia Gorman

Customs laws and regulations are continuously changing. This challenges your ability to comply with labor regulations and imported product restrictions, making it increasingly easy to get blindsided by penalties at the border.

At the same time, changing trade regulations and enhanced inter-agency enforcement techniques are delaying the clearance time for sensitive imports. This results in longer lead times and higher costs associated with customs exams and storage fees. 

Join Amber Road’s Global Trade Academy as we tackle the changes and potential pitfalls for importers during our webinar, Your Shipment Was Stopped? Don't Get Blindsided By Customs Laws & Regulations! It will broadcast live on Tuesday, March 20th at 2pm EDT.

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Achieve Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) Status – Your Questions Answered

Posted by Julia Gorman

Last month, Amber Road’s Global Trade Academy hosted the webinar Navigate the Post-Brexit Landscape: Achieve Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) Status. With Brexit around the corner in March 2019, your company must have the proper trade compliance processes in place to navigate the post-Brexit landscape.

As the webinar presenter, Suzanne Richer, Director of Trade Advisory Practices at Amber Road, contributed her expertise to the topic. From AEO in the global and UK context to an overview of the Certified Authorized Economic Operator (CAEO™) Specialist Program, Suzanne touched on some of the hottest points of interest. However, when discussing such an in-depth topic, questions are bound to arise.

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Q&A - The Great Trade Pivot: Changing Policies and Their Impact on Your Global Supply Chain

Posted by Paris Riley

A few weeks ago, Amber Road's Global Trade Academy hosted the webinar The Great Trade Pivot: Changing Policies and Their Impact on Your Global Supply Chain. This webinar (available on-demand) walks through some of the biggest potential policy changes that could dramatically raise your import costs and have a profound impact on your company’s import compliance program.

Robin Grover, an international trade lawyer with over 35 years of experience handling all aspects of export-import issues, recieved a lot of great questions during the live broadcast and he has taken the time to answer some here.

Q: What is your opinion on GSP getting reinstated? What timing do you expect? 

    1. CBP notes on its website: “GSP periodically expires and must be renewed by Congress to remain in effect. The 2015 GSP reauthorization (H.R. 1295) expired on December 31, 2017. All previous GSP renewals that have taken effect after a lapse have included a retroactive clause providing refunds to importers of eligible goods imported during the lapse period.”  Customs goes on to recommend that you “flag” all GSP entries: “Until further notice, importers are strongly encouraged to continue to flag GSP-eligible importations with the SPI “A,” even as they pay normal trade relations (column 1) duty rates on otherwise GSP-eligible importations. Importers may not file SPI "A" without duties.”   I fully agree with Customs on this and expect that Congress will ultimately renew GSP and make its benefits for entries retroactive.  On a related note, please be aware that CBP in conducting audits is looking for substantial documentation in your files to support claims of GSP duty-free status for your imported goods.
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