Webinar: The What, Where, and Why of EAR Licenses

Posted by Kelsey Barker

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3 people typing on laptops.jpgExporting is no simple business, and any company exporting under the jurisdiction of the BIS must ensure that all employees know when a license is required, how to identify and take advantage of applicable license exceptions, and understand the application process for a BIS export license.

Join Amber Road’s Global Trade Academy for a step-by-step guide to making accurate licensing determinations to ensure that all proper BIS license authorizations for exports and re-exports are put into place before they occur.

During this complimentary webinar, EAR Licenses: When Are They Required? How Do You Obtain Them? international trade lawyer Robin Grover will cover:

  • Classifying products under EAR 99 or an ECCN
  • Determining when EAR requires a license for exports, re-exports, and transfers
  • Major license exceptions and compliance with their scope, terms, and conditions
  • The SNAP-R system and how to access it
  • How to prepare EAR license applications and supporting documents
  • Managing your export license

Don’t miss this crucial EAR training review of an even more crucial topic. Register today!


Robin Grover Headshot.jpgRobin W. Grover is an international trade lawyer with over 30 years experience handling all aspects of export-import issues.  With an office in Washington, D.C., Robin is a member of the U.S. Court of International Trade and has represented clients before the U.S. Customs Service, Bureau of Industry and Security (formerly the Bureau of Export Administration), Office of Foreign Assets Control, Directorate of Defense Trade Controls, Office of the U.S. Trade Representative, U.S. International Trade Commission and Census Bureau.

Robin is a consultant with Customs & Trade Solutions, Inc. of Princeton, New Jersey and is a licensed customs broker. Robin is also a World Champion from the History Channel’s "History Trivia Game Show” and an avid marathoner. 

This post was published on November 3, 2017 and updated on November 3, 2017.

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