Webinar: How Does Your University Compliance Program Fare Against 70 Others?

Posted by Tiffany Gourdin on August 22, 2018

Being an export compliance officer for a major research program is not easy. Increased enforcement from various government agencies coupled with constant talk (..and action) of regulatory changes and updates to restricted party lists will keep you on your toes. Add to that the fact that being the compliance captain isn’t always a fun task (unless you are Captain Compliance that is…)

There are multiple factors involved in creating and maintaining an export compliance program in a research setting. Do you screen purchases before, after, a mix of both? Does that vary based on the purchase type? Do you screen all visitors, or just those coming for a conference?

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Video: Trade Compliance On-Demand for Growing Companies

Posted by Tiffany Gourdin on August 9, 2018

Navigating the rules of global trade management is just plain tough nowadays. We have entered an era of constantly changing regulations, discussion of (more) tariff wars, decentralized data across a number of providers, and of (too) many manual processes to manage our businesses. As a business owner, you need to export your products to grow your market - but all of this complexity and change increases your export compliance risk profile. 

So the question is… at what point should you leverage technology to handle your global trade processes? Furthermore, where can you find technology that is “right-sized” for your level of exporting as a growing business?

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Topics: Export Compliance, Trade Compliance

Your Questions Answered - Export Compliance Webinar Series Part 2: Product Classification & Transactional Screening

Posted by Tiffany Gourdin on April 16, 2018

Last month, Amber Road broadcasted the second part of our two-part Export Compliance Webinar Series on Product Classification and Transactional Screening. Our presenters, Steve Swanson, Director at Amber Road, and Steve Keighley, Solutions Consultant at Amber Road, led an engaging discussion on product classification and transactional screening. Attendees learned how their company could maintain their own Product Classification database, and received a demo on how our Export On-Demand platform can greatly simplify the ordeal while simultaneously screening transactions. We received numerous questions throughout the presentation, but unfortunately could not address them all. Luckily, we have compiled Steve Keighley’s answers into a Q&A document – here is a preview:

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Topics: Product Classification, Export Compliance

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