NAFTA Trade Continues Upswing in July 2014

Posted by LizAnn Nealing on October 13, 2014

According to the Bureau of Transportation, U.S. trade with Canada and Mexico rose for the fifth consecutive month in July of this year. From July 2013 to July 2014, the value of NAFTA increased from $7.9 billion to $10.1 billion.

Overall, freight increased in all modes of transportation by approximately 8%. The largest increases include:

  • Pipeline traffic (up 10.8%)
  • Rail freight (up 10%)
  • Truck freight (up 8.5%)
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Topics: Carrier Selection & Booking, Transportation Management

Global Trade Minutes Video Series Part 4: Incoterms

Posted by LizAnn Nealing on August 13, 2014

Global trade management can be complex…and so can the terminology! We created a series of short videos to help you understand the basics. Last week we introduced the third video in the series, which focused on duties vs. tariffs. This week we will focus on incoterms.

In the fourth and final video of the series, we explain what incoterms are, and how they are used to allocate payment, ownership, and risk between buyer and seller.

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Topics: Contract & Rate Management, Transportation Management

Small and Mid-Size U.S. Businesses Experience More Barriers to Entry with European Union

Posted by LizAnn Nealing on April 24, 2014

The United States International Trade Commission recently released a report stating small and medium-sized U.S. businesses are disproportionately affected by certain trade barriers with the EU as compared to their larger counterparts. Several factors contribute to this discrepancy, especially cost; most expenses in international trade compliance are fixed regardless of company size and quantity of items shipped. This dramatically limits the trade process for small and mid-size companies.

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Topics: Export Management, Contract & Rate Management, Transportation Management, Export Compliance

What Exactly Is A 3PL?

Posted by Emily Thornton on September 17, 2009

There are about a million terms and acronyms thrown around the transportation industry - 3PL, 4PL, ITM, LLP, etc. Sometimes it can be difficult to keep track of everything. Logistics Today recently published a good solid description of what constitutes a third-party logistics provider (3PL). The quantifiable definitions that they came up with came from their 2009 salary survey results. Respondents were asked to describe themselves in a series of questions. Check out the article for an interesting list of statistics of how 3PLs answering the survey described themselves.

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