Even the eCommerce Giants Lack Export Control Processes

Posted by Gary M. Barraco on Mon, Oct, 24 2016 @ 9:38 AM

Amazon.com has dominated the eCommerce industry since 1995, originating as an online reseller of books.  During Amazon’s first month in business, it received orders from customers in 50 U.S. states and 45 countries across the world.  Today, the company offers over 183 million products and serves more than 224 million customers. 

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Video Series Chapter 6: Trade Compliance

Posted by Joe Gabro on Wed, Oct, 19 2016 @ 10:15 AM

Continued from Chapter 5: Duty Management

The growth of globalization – along with the proliferation of country-specific trade rules – adds to the complexities that global trade organizations already face on a daily basis. Companies that rely on spreadsheets or increasing personnel only make their trade compliance management less efficient.

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EU Proposes to Modernize its Dual-Use Regulation

Posted by Arne Mielken on Thu, Sep, 29 2016 @ 10:15 AM

The EU has an extensive dual-use industry that brings together thousands of small, medium, and large-sized companies that provide highly valued jobs and know-how, including significant R&D work. According to the European Commission, dual-use items are often high-tech products and have ramifications across a wide range of key sectors of the EU economy; they include leading edge technologies that are crucial to the EU's drive towards innovation and competitiveness. In 2014, the total value of controlled dual-use exports reached EUR 59 billion, representing 3.4% of total EU exports to third countries. Few exports were actually denied, representing a negligible portion of total EU exports.

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Fundamentals of Centralized Global Trade Compliance

Posted by Mollie Leon on Mon, Jul, 18 2016 @ 8:52 AM

The field of global trade compliance requires a combination of centralized reporting and distributed execution. This allows organizations to benefit from unified policies, control, and measurement while maintaining agility to implement compliance activities and processes that vary greatly across different geographies and product domains. 

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Webinar Q&A: WCO 2017 HS Changes: Is Your Company Prepared?

Posted by Nick Fabretti on Thu, Jul, 14 2016 @ 1:47 PM

Last month, Amber Road’s Global Trade Academy broadcasted a webinar WCO 2017 HS Changes: Is your Company Prepared? Our presenters, Kristine Bols, Director of Global Trade Content at Amber Road and Suzanne Richer, Director of Amber Road’s Trade Advisory Practice, received several questions throughout the webinar. Unfortunately they did not have time to address them all during the live broadcast. We have compiled their answers into a Q&A document - here is a preview:

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The British Vote Brexit: How Will This Impact Global Trade in EU and US Companies?

Posted by Nick Fabretti on Thu, Jul, 7 2016 @ 2:28 PM

As you have heard by now, the British public voted in favor of Brexit. Of the British electorate, 51.9% casted their vote in favor of Brexit, with a higher-than-expected overall turnout of 72.2%.

So what does this mean for the future of the UK, EU and global trade?

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WCO 2017 HS Changes: Is Your Company Prepared?

Posted by Nick Fabretti on Tue, Jun, 7 2016 @ 11:43 AM

The World Customs Organization (WCO) has announced significant updates to the Harmonized System (HS), which will go into effect in 2017. These changes could have a major impact on your company’s global trade processes and international supply chain. Are you prepared?

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Disregarding Trade Compliance is Risky Business

Posted by Kelsey Barker on Mon, Jun, 6 2016 @ 9:37 AM

A majority of executives are not investing in trade compliance training, despite potential fines, substantial penalties, and jail time, according to survey results released today from Amber Road's Global Trade Academy.

The survey of 300 U.S.-based global companies across a range of revenues and industries found that 56 percent of executives at the companies surveyed are not investing in trade compliance training, even though 28 percent of those companies had already been fined or warned by government agencies for noncompliance.

And while the vast majority (73 percent) have a stated trade compliance plan, 46 percent of surveyed companies didn’t require any training for employees and 28 percent require less than 11 hours of training – leaving a gap between having a plan and the ability to act on it. Furthermore, 55 percent had not standardized their global compliance training and 33 percent do not have a budget for trade compliance training, which opens the door to noncompliance risks as a result of untrained staff.

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Amber Road Joins UK’s ‘Exporting Is GREAT’ Initiative

Posted by Kelsey Barker on Tue, May, 31 2016 @ 11:27 AM

Amber Road is partnering with the UK Government’s Exporting is GREAT initiative to help small and medium sized businesses in the UK jumpstart and expand their success in overseas markets.

Exporting Is GREAT aims to significantly increase the number of UK businesses selling internationally by providing support throughout all stages of the exporting process, from identifying opportunities through to winning international contracts. The initiative is part of the international GREAT Britain campaign and is scheduled to run through 2020.

As the prime GTM partner to join the initiative, Amber Road will provide key trade related content, Global Knowledge, for participating companies. Working with UK Trade & Investment (UKTI), the government department that helps UK-based companies succeed in the global economy, Amber Road is collaborating on a dedicated interface for trade management information, guidance and critical information. Amber Road aims to enable companies to quickly and easily evaluate the trade regulation aspects of an export opportunity, including the destination import customs requirements and potential beneficial trade programs, and guide them on the documentation requirements.

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Iranian Sanctions and the Challenge of Getting Paid

Posted by Arne Mielken on Wed, May, 25 2016 @ 9:30 AM

The recent lifting of some Iran sanctions has created considerable interest in the global trading community. However, while there is optimism and hope that a closed market with big investment and opportunity will open to worldwide trade soon, there is also uncertainty. When is the right time for getting back into trading with Iran? Now? Or should we wait a little longer? The messages sent from governments are, at best, mixed. Since mid-January, the EU and the US have formally lifted important elements of their previously enforced strict sanctions. Trade promotion authorities have started setting up trade missions and we read reports about mega-deals being signed. 

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