One Small Step for Footwear, One Giant Leap for the Global Economy

Posted by Ryan Gudovitz on Thu, Jul, 2 2015 @ 10:14 AM

On June 29th, President Obama signed the Trade Promotion Authority (TPA-2015) bill into law. This bill is a ground-breaking step in removing trade barriers that hinder a truly free and open global economy.

The passage of TPA was vital in order to further progress towards free trade giving the executive branch the ability to negotiate free trade agreements for the U.S. while providing a strong backing for the President to lower tariffs between Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) countries. This progression could save nearly $400 million a year in duties for the footwear industry alone!

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Electrocomponents Expands Export Management with Amber Road

Posted by Lisa Feroli on Wed, Jul, 1 2015 @ 10:45 AM

Electrocomponents plc, one of the largest distributors of engineering products, has selected Amber Road’s Trade Automation Export Management solution to expand the Electrocomponents Group’s trade management reach and capabilities, enabling automated product classification, license determination and management and landed cost analysis. With this, the existing automated restricted party screening will become a seamless part of the Group’s overall trade management processes. The full Amber Road solution will be integrated with the Electrocomponents ERP system and deployed across the global supply chain.

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[Register Now!] Total Supply Chain Risk Management Webinar Series Pt. 3: Cargo Security

Posted by Colleen Bush on Mon, Jun, 29 2015 @ 10:27 AM

Risk is a fact of life for any supply chain, whether it’s dealing with quality and safety challenges, supply shortages, legal issues, regulatory and environmental compliance, or natural disasters. Luckily, companies can take a proactive approach to risk management to ensure their global supply chains are insulated.

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[Upcoming Event] Gary Barraco to Discuss Sourcing and Global Trade Automation at the FDRA Footwear Forum

Posted by Nick Fabretti on Thu, Jun, 25 2015 @ 11:54 AM

On July 7th, Amber Road will sponsor the FDRA Footwear Forum in Los Angeles, California. This forum will bring together the industry’s top executives and leading service providers to discuss the technologies companies are utilizing today and the business practices to prevent any regulatory issues from blindsiding your business.

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How Can Software Help Secure Your Supply Chain?

Posted by Kelsey Barker on Wed, Jun, 24 2015 @ 1:20 PM

Supply chain security can take a number of forms, and the challenge can seem daunting: cyber-crime, terrorism and even regulatory compliance audits are constant, complicated threats. Software can help secure your supply chain and assist with government compliance and internal risk assessment.

Recently, governments have instituted security-related shipment regulations to keep on top of supply chain crime, which helps to protect the supply chain, but also requires an extensive compliance program on the part of the shipper. Global trade management software can assist with programs like the Importer Security Filing and Additional Carrier Requirements (commonly known as “10+2”) in the U.S., and the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT). Additionally, the World Customs Organization has adopted a new framework for security filing programs, meaning that many other countries will adopt similar regimes.

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Top 5 Best Practices in Export Control Audits for 2015

Posted by Fariba Ahdoot on Wed, Jun, 24 2015 @ 12:43 PM

Today’s supply chains are increasingly complex, and companies must manage risks both proactively and reactively to avoid disruptions such as quality issues, shipment delays, product shortages, and excessive expediting costs. Last month, Amber Road attended WIT-NC’s seminar, Best Practices in Export Control Audits for 2015, in Sunnyvale, CA. This event focused on the gold standard for export control audits in a post ECR and cloud computing world. Supply chain professionals attended the full day seminar to determine whether the principles of the Nunn-Wolfowitz Task Force Report of Industry Best Practices Regarding Export Compliance Programs, published in 2000, are still the gold standard for export control audits today.

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Best Practices For Closing the Loop on Multi-National Transportation Procure-To-Pay

Posted by Bob Heaney, Research Director Supply Chain Management, Aberdeen Group on Fri, Jun, 19 2015 @ 3:54 PM

Today’s Chief Supply Chain Officer (CSCO) is beset by pressures on all fronts, not the least of which is who to address new B2B and B2C direct-to-consumer flows. Aberdeen recently introduced a Prescriptive Model for Optimization that both defines and describes what leading companies are doing to reengineer inventory and fulfillment flows from source to end consumer. This framework requires a move from current state descriptive analytics to analytical optimization that applies prescriptive and predictive intelligence during both planning and execution phases.

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Supply Chain Digest Survey on Global Sourcing - Please Participate!

Posted by Lisa Feroli on Tue, Jun, 16 2015 @ 9:59 AM

As globalization continues to evolve, companies need to become more agile and automated in global sourcing and logistics processes.

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Amber Road Selected as USFIA’s 2015 Innovation Partner

Posted by Nick Fabretti on Fri, Jun, 12 2015 @ 3:4 PM

Amber Road is excited to announce that it has been selected as the United States Fashion Industry Association’s (USFIA) Innovation Partner for 2015, the first partner of this kind!

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Our Key Compliance Takeaways from the AAEI Annual Conference

Posted by Kelsey Barker on Thu, Jun, 11 2015 @ 2:30 PM

As always, AAEI’s 2015 Annual Conference was jam-packed with updates and in-depth discussions on the current trade environment and how it affects your business. This year’s theme, “The Evolution of Trade,” examined the origins and current realities of both the U.S. and global trade climate. Amber Road sent several of our top executives, content analysts, and thought leaders to the event, and they returned with some key takeaways.

Check out our new infographic below to see a snapshot of what our executives thought was the most interesting, topical, or surprising theme at the conference. Then, scroll down to dig a little deeper into our analysis of a few top trends in compliance and global trade.

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