Bracing for Instability in Global Trade

Posted by Mollie Leon on Thu, Jan, 19 2017 @ 8:58 AM

In early 2016, analysts predicted positive trends and a big trade uptick. Instead, global trade volumes fluctuated and consumer spending diminished, worldwide protectionism and de-globalization became evident and supply chain risks were enhanced, which left importers and exporters scrambling to stay on course.

As we move into 2017, global trade management executives need to brace against disrupters that have the potential to send supply chains into a tailspin. The industry must address the same imperatives — speed, quality, cost, risk and agility — yet doing it alone isn’t an option. The key is investing in technology and making process changes in advance.

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AAEI Western Regional Seminar: e-Commerce Takes the Wheel as the New Driver in Retail

Posted by Nick Fabretti on Tue, Jan, 17 2017 @ 3:30 PM

The runaway train of e-commerce continues to gain momentum as we begin 2017. But this growth has been no surprise to retailers, both domestic and international. e-commerce has revolutionized business-to-consumer sales resulting in a newly empowered consumer – one with higher expectations for the retail shopping experience.

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Transform Global e-Commerce and Maximize the Customer Experience

Posted by Joe Gabro on Thu, Jan, 12 2017 @ 10:00 AM

Global e-commerce is growing in leaps and bounds, particularly in emerging markets, where consumers can find it hard to locate affordable imported products in local shops. As the trend of cross-border commerce increases, many companies are embracing e-commerce to fulfill the demands of customers worldwide seeking products not available at local brick-and-mortar stores. However, these significant global sales opportunities also present the challenge to deliver a positive customer experience while combatting high
shipping fees, hidden costs, import and export regulations, and product restrictions.

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Let Sleeping Dogs Lie: Are You Ready for REX?

Posted by Arne Mielken on Tue, Jan, 10 2017 @ 1:45 PM

Global companies - particularly those using Amber Road’s software solutions - know that only with a superior system that deciphers complex terms, coverage and rules of origin for trade agreements can they leverage substantial costs-savings, whilst maintaining highest levels of compliance. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that these leading global players have been buzzing with questions on the recently adopted Registered Export System (REX). 

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Streamline Your Supply Chain: Advancements in GTM Software

Posted by Mollie Leon on Fri, Dec, 23 2016 @ 9:59 AM

When it comes to software designed to streamline supply chains, there’s old global trade management, and then there’s the new.The old school global trade management (GTM) systems automate processes that begin when shipments are ready to go, moving them from Point A to Point B in a timely manner at the lowest possible cost while ensuring complete and accurate import/export documentation for shipments. The new GTM automates processes way upstream, even at the product design and component sourcing stages, focusing on risk and quality management, while facilitating compliance with various product regulations.

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Santa Replaces Reindeer-Based Visibility System to Tackle Cross-Border elf-Commerce

Posted by Kelsey Barker on Thu, Dec, 22 2016 @ 4:27 PM

The original pioneer in cross-border elf-Commerce, North Pole Industries (NPI) has had to adapt with the times just like any other retailer. The key, Santa says, is investing in technology and making process changes in advance of the holiday season.

“We needed to brace ourselves against disrupters that could send our supply chain into a tailspin the night before Christmas,” says Santa, Chief Executive Elf of NPI.

To that end, NPI has worked to automate and track nearly all of its global trade operations with Amber Road’s Trade Automation solution suite. The first step was the most crucial in a deadline-based industry: automating NPI’s trade compliance processes to ensure that Santa’s sleigh doesn’t get caught up in Customs on its way to chimneys around the world. Amber Road’s Restricted Party Screening tool, backed up by its extensive Global Knowledge® database, guarantees that only good little girls and boys are on the approved toy recipients list.

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Global Logistics - It's A Wonderful Life

Posted by Stephanie Miles on Tue, Dec, 20 2016 @ 11:37 AM

Logistics and supply chain managers are partly responsible for the unfairly low profile that their operations have in the overall corporate structure. 

We need to talk about supply chain management - and, more specifically, the role of logistics within the supply chain - in a way that honors the far-reaching effect of those activities throughout a company's operations. On the one hand, there is still a lack of awareness in the boardroom; not surprising when you consider how rare it is, even now, to find a C-level logistics or supply chain exec there. But global logistics and supply chain managers, also, are partly responsible for the unfairly low profile their operations maintain within the corporate structure. In short, they fail to recognize their roles in the broader context.

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Wall Street Journal: Brace Yourselves... Changes Are Coming!

Posted by Joe Gabro on Thu, Dec, 15 2016 @ 12:45 PM

As you are probably aware, the World Customs Organization (WCO) announced updates to the Harmonized System (HS), which means major changes are just around the corner! The Wall Street Journal took notice in their new Morning Risk Report: Changes Coming to Product Classification System.

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Video Series Chapter 10: Why Amber Road?

Posted by Joe Gabro on Wed, Dec, 14 2016 @ 10:15 AM

Continued from Chapter 9: Validating the Return on Investment

Global trade has become increasingly complex over the past decade. In order to remain competitive and continue to grow, organizations must take full advantage of the global economy. Unfortunately, many global trade executives admit they have serious difficulty managing their international supply chain.

Fortunately, real help is available!

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Nine Supply Chain Investments to Make in 2017

Posted by Gary M. Barraco on Tue, Dec, 13 2016 @ 9:56 AM

What just happened? The global trade landscape changed dramatically when the enervating U.S. Presidential election ended. While the results shocked many around the world, the potential shifts in trade policies under President-Elect Trump are obvious.  Even in the first few days following his win, direct and unmistakable anti-trade sentiments have resounded from the incoming leader. The change in administration is sure to bring the dismantling of existing trade agreements, scrapping of pending agreements and a lack of focus on easing cross-border trade overall.

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