Controlling Shipping Costs via Multi-Modal Freight Rate Visibility

Posted by David Hamilton

In a 2017 American Shipper Report on global sourcing, 58% of shippers indicated that their biggest concern today is rising transportation costs. Shipping rates are climbing much faster than in the past, mostly due to heightened consumer expectations of fast home deliveries. An expanding network of inventory distribution points adds further strain on supply chain professionals.

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Topics: Contract & Rate Management, Carrier Selection & Booking, Transportation Management

Tit-for-Tat Tariffs Call for Closer Calculations

Posted by Gary M. Barraco

Uncertainty over trade tariffs is already putting the squeeze on US companies. The recent tit-for-tat moves by the US and China sent ripples across the markets that turned into bigger waves across supply chains around the world. But this and other trade mêlées are adding another level of risk to cross-border shippers that go deep. Companies have to be agile enough to react to these and other changes and adapt their supply chains to avert disaster.

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Topics: Landed Cost Calculation, Duty Management

Staying Grounded in Today’s Global Trade Management Landscape

Posted by Julia Gorman

The landscape of global trade management has never achieved a consistent pace, and likely never will. Uncertainty has grown to be synonymous with the global trade climate, making it nearly impossible for importers and exporters to maneuver effortlessly. As one might say, a lot of things are up in the air.

Amber Road is proud to sponsor American Shipper’s Global Trade Management Landscape Report: Up In The Air. The report reflects research that exposed an urgent need for global companies to consider initiatives that structure their data and assess how trade policy changes might impact their organizations. The report nods to global trade management systems and services as the most effective solution to global operations. 

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Topics: Global Trade Management, Global Knowledge

Captain Compliance to the Rescue: Simplifying Export Compliance!

Posted by Joseph Gabro

As companies continue to grow, so too do the total shipments and countries in their global supply chain, further complicating existing export compliance processes. Whether it be restricted party lists, export controls, license requirements, or the various regulatory risks exporters face on a daily basis, an automated and configurable solution is needed to make things easier - that's where Captain Compliance comes in!

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Topics: Export Management, Deemed Exports, Export Compliance, Restricted Party Screening

Missing the BIS Update Conference This Year? Catch Our Key Takeaways!

Posted by Paris Riley

Are you unable to make it to this year’s Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) Update Conference in Washington, DC? Or will you make it to Washington, DC, but would like a review of the themes and updates from the show?

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Topics: Export Management, Automated Export System (AES) Filing, Export Compliance, Export Violations

You Can't Afford to Wait: Go Digital at Gartner Supply Chain Conference

Posted by Julia Gorman

Global supply chains can no longer afford to operate in traditional ways. Fax, email and phone have become outpaced by today’s rapidly changing and complex world. Technological innovations have enabled companies to replace the disconnect of traditional methods with supply chain transparency.

Surveys show that only 45% of companies have started the digital transformation, but 56% of those who have were improving profitably. That means it’s time to digitize your global supply chain and the Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference is a great place to start!

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Topics: Events, Global Supply Chain

Begin With a Control Tower & End With Enhanced Supply Chain Visibility

Posted by Paris Riley

What is supply chain visibility? Depending on where you go and whom you ask, the answer might differ. True end-to-end visibility extends beyond just tracking containers and shipping logistics. It disrupts the traditional corporate information silos and provides company-wide transparency that can greatly improve the global trade management process. Often, the given definition of supply chain visibility fails to encompass the essence of "true visibility," like what you achieve in a supply chain control tower scenario. Every step in the supply chain needs to be both visible and managed; this requires all partners and data to be digitized.

Amber Road’s new eBook, Creating the Global Supply Chain Control Tower – Beyond Simple Visibility, discusses the often muddled definition of supply chain visibility and the breadth of benefits that come from creating a digital global supply chain control tower. The four key benefits from this level of visibility includes:

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Topics: Global Trade Management, Supply Chain Visibility

Importing from China? Your Products Could Be Hit With A 25 Percent “Special” Tariff!

Posted by Suzanne Richer

In a further indication that U.S. trade policy toward China has stiffened, the Trump Administration has initiated a punitive tariff action against China under Section 301 of the Tariff Act. Section 301 empowers the White House to impose additional import tariffs on the products of countries who maintain discriminatory policies against U.S. products and services.

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Topics: Import Management, Product Classification, Global Trade Academy

See What Amber Road’s Experts Have Been Saying!

Posted by Veronika Clough

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Amber Road takes on control tower visibility, regulatory risk mitigation, food safety, and global trade uncertainties in this month’s press stories.

Amber Road's industry leaders have a lot to say, and this month features pieces written by Gary Barraco (Director, Global Product Marketing) and Suzanne Richer (Director, Trade Advisory Practice). Discover what they have to say! 

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Topics: Amber Road News

Questioning Your Valuation ABC’s? We Have Answers!

Posted by Julia Gorman

Last week, Amber Road’s Global Trade Academy hosted the webinar, Valuation ABC’s & Related Party Transfer Pricing Pitfalls, which reviewed the critical components of proper Customs & Border Protection (CBP)’s valuation declarations, appraised value under Transaction Value, and how to prove inter-company transfer pricing between related parties.

Marian Ladner, Managing Partner at Ladner & Associates PC, presented on behalf of Global Trade Academy. Marian comes from an extensive background in trade law, providing her with a wealth of knowledge on trade compliance. With only an hour to cover such a complex topic, many of our viewers had additional questions.

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Topics: Webinars, Global Trade Academy, Trade Compliance

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