Apparel is as Perishable as Avocados

Posted by Gary M. Barraco

Who knew? Avocados are one of the most complex products to ship internationally. They do not ripen on the tree, but once harvested they need to be handled with great care. Handlers delay the softening process by pre-cooling the fruit immediately after picking. Then during transportation, they need to be stored at optimal temperatures and shipped expeditiously so the cargo is at the desired stage of ripeness upon reaching destination. Who cares, though? Last year, the industry was buzzing about the first practical application of blockchain technology and avocados were the test product. Maersk, the global shipping giant, is expected to announce it is using IBM’s version of the blockchain to track the avocados, flowers, and machine parts it carries on its enormous cargo ships. The highly-sensitive, speed-critical product —  the avocado — was at the center of the Maersk/IBM blockchain initiative, and an example of how this technology can be used to share traceability data to benefit global supply chains.

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Perfect Products Require a Perfect Order Management System

Posted by Joseph Gabro

In today's global trade landscape, retailers and manufacturers need to ensure their products reach their customers in a timely manner with little to no production delays. Automation and visibility is key - but how exactly can you enable a seamless process from design to delivery?

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Topics: Production Management, Material Order Visibility, Order Collaboration

Watch Video - Today's Global Trade Route: Amber Road

Posted by Paris Riley

Throughout history, people have been challenged with the logistics of getting products to their consumers. Key routes such as the Silk Road, the Spice Route, and the Amber Road blazed the trail for manufacturers, importers, exporters, and customers – changing the world from a domestic to an international landscape and creating the global supply chain. It is from that important trade lane, and its history of international reach and value, that we took our name – Amber Road.

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Planning Your Global Supply Chain for 2020 and Beyond

Posted by Julia Gorman


As AI and advanced robotics become a tangible reality, the future of supply chains is put into question. Technology is on the cusp of dramatic changes that will transform the way we conduct global trade.

Amber Road addresses digitization as a critical first step to a future oriented global supply chain. The old way of doing business by fax, email and phone are no longer adequate in today’s fast-moving world. Although we’re operating in present-day, it’s important to prepare and adjust your supply chain and global operations for the future.

Amber Road is thrilled to be sponsoring and speaking at the APICS Professional Development Series in St. Louis on Thursday, January 18th. Suzanne Richer, Director of Trade Advisory Practice at Amber Road, is the event’s featured speaker. Richer will explore, ‘Trends in Global Supply Chains: Planning for 2020 and Beyond.’ 

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Controlling Shipping Costs via Multi-Modal Freight Rate Visibility

Posted by Gary M. Barraco

Amber_Road_Multi_Modal_Transportation_Mangagement.pngThe Amazon disruptive effect has put an ever-growing strain on supply chain professionals to ensure inventory availability across a broader network of distribution points, along with the capabilities to get product to the consumer in days - if not less. This weight bears down on every step of the shipment process to ensure reliability and accuracy. Smart logisticians are properly orchestrating the fastest and cheapest means of moving goods from factory to consumer. But it isn’t simple....

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Topics: Invoice Management, Contract & Rate Management, Carrier Selection & Booking

Webinar: Achieve Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) Status

Posted by Julia Gorman

Is your organization prepared for the upcoming changes as the implementation of Brexit approaches? Once 29 March 2019 rolls around, your company must have the proper trade compliance processes in place to navigate in the post-Brexit landscape.

Amber Road’s Global Trade Academy is here to support your organization through this trying process. Join our upcoming webinar, Navigate the Post-Brexit Landscape: Achieve Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) Status on Tuesday, January 16, 2018 at 11:00AM EST.

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Topics: Webinars, Export Management, Export Compliance

Are You Prepared for Global Trade Management in 2018?

Posted by Mandy Hyde

In April of 2017, the World Trade Organization predicted that global trade management was expected to recover in 2017 and 2018. This was reported even amidst the surge of policy uncertainty and growing protectionism due to various updates to export restrictions and sanctions, ongoing trade negotiations, etc. However, in order for this rebound in economic performance to take place, governments had to pursue "the right policy mix." Did this happen and, if it did, what does this mean for 2018?

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Agility: Conquering Supply Chain Disruption

Posted by Julia Gorman

supply chain disruptionThe concept of agility has emerged as sustainable source of competitive advantage in face of the current global supply chain challenges. Preceding agility, is the need for a digitized supply chain—making a ‘digital transformation’ the first step to drive further value. Research has revealed that agility is the primary value derived from digitizing.

Digital transformation enables companies to realize the competitive advantage of agility, alongside reduced costs, minimized risks and enhanced visibility. Amber Road’s new eBook, Digitization Creates a Strong Value Chain: Enabling Supply Chain Agility, is the first issue of a four-part series. It explores why supply chain agility has emerged as a dominant competitive vehicle for organizations operating in such an uncertain and ever-changing business environment.

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Webinar: The 6 Global Supply Chain Trends to Watch in 2018

Posted by Kelsey Barker

Are you ready for 2018? Global trade soared in 2017 across major economies around the world, raising hopes that the climate is ready to improve. And at the same time, the complexity of conducting global trade and complying effectively with numerous and growing regulatory and licensing requirements has also exploded.

As we flip the calendar to 2018, companies with global supply chains should keep their eyes and ears open for these primary concerns. Luckily, we'll explore these topics for you in our upcoming webinar, The 6 Global Supply Chain Trends to Watch in 2018, this Thursday, January 11, at 2PM EST.

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Duty Drawback Simplification – All of Your Questions Answered

Posted by Julia Gorman

Last month, Amber Road’s Global Trade Academy hosted the webinar, Duty Drawback Simplification – Earn More ROI on Your 2018 Supply Chain! The new duty drawback law (HR 644) is set to become effective on February 24, 2018. These simplifying changes will provide extensive opportunities for US-based companies to receive refunds on imported goods that are then exported.

Brenda Sweetman, President of Sweetman Drawback Services LLC (SDS), is a veteran duty drawback specialist who shared her expertise as the webinar presenter. Sweetman teaches Global Trade Academy’s Certified Drawback Specialist Course and she is also a Licensed Customs Broker (LCB) and a Certified Customs Specialist (CCS).

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